• How to Get Toned Arms?

    How to Get Toned Arms?

    Everyone dreams of having toned and well-sculpted arms. Like the abdominals and buttocks, the arms are a part of the body that unfortunately is often the first victim of weight gain or loss, poor physical activity, and advancing age. The accumulation of fat on the arms is, in many cases, linked to genetic factors or hormonal problems. Therefore, the first rule to adopt is...
  • How To Get Rid of V-Shaped Bum

    How To Get Rid of V-Shaped Bum

    Sure, you must have come across this "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride". Most times, every individual has one thing or the other in which they desire in life but which may not be easily achievable. In addition, there are certain things we also wish we do not have. This can be as significant as the disgusting shape of some body parts. Whether...
  • How To Get A Small Waist Quickly

    How To Get A Small Waist Quickly

    Having a figure 8 body shape is what most ladies desire. Nowadays, a curved hip, larger breasts, and most especially, a narrow waist specifically define a jaw-dropping physique any lady can have to turn men's heads on the street. You might have seen a lot of celebrities having this desirable small waist, large breasts, and wide hip. However, many of them might not have...
  • Whаt Cаn Hеlр Yоu Build Muscle Mаѕѕ Fаѕtеr?

    Whаt Cаn Hеlр Yоu Build Muscle Mаѕѕ Fаѕtеr?

    Building muscles is the reason most of us keep returning to the gym. It is a beacon to continue our efforts to drive exercise. Many people think we are crazy about it, but how do we exercise muscles effectively? This is a problem that trips many weightlifters. The physical behavior of building muscles is easier said than done, because in order to build muscles,...
  • How To Get An Hourglass Figure

    How To Get An Hourglass Figure

    For quite some time, hourglass figures have been all the rage. However, possessing that traditional hourglass figure – with its sculpted shoulders, small waist, and gorgeous lower body contours – does not necessarily imply that you are more attractive or healthier. Also, in most cases, most celebrities you see with an hourglass figure on the world's red carpets don't possess this body figure naturally....
  • How to get a Slender Neck and Shoulder Line?

    How to get a Slender Neck and Shoulder Line?

    On average, we spend 2 hours and 55 minutes looking at our smartphones. Therefore, if the head moves forward while the shoulders are rounded, our posture can change. This can lead to unexpected health problems such as heartburn and incontinence. At Bright Side, we understand the importance of good posture and wanted to show you some simple exercises you can practice at home. Lifting...
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