How To Turn A Square Bum Into A Round One?


There are a number of things everyone desires, but unfortunately, not everyone have them. This, is exactly what happened when it comes to the shape of the buttock.

Virtually everyone, both men and women desire to have a round buttock rather than a square bum, but this is not always the case, and this leaves a lot of people searching for precise answers to “how to turn a square bum into a round one”

Well, the simple truth about the bum shape an individual has is that some people are naturally endowed with a round bum while others try their hardest to acquire a round bum. However, with various exercises, you can develop a round bum if you so desire.

Interestingly, many people go the extra mile to achieve a round bum. In most cases, some people undergo the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery, where excess fat from either the tummy, waist and the back is removed and added into the buttocks for the purpose of creating that alluring and appealing hourglass shape they desire to have in their buttocks.

However, not everyone subscribes to this method of achieving a round buttock, and if you belong to this class of people, be rest assured that you are not alone.

In this article, we shall be walking you through some easy, cost-effect, safe and natural method to make your square bum round and even rounder.

Exercises that can help to turn a square bum to a round one

Sure, you have long been waiting for the answer to this big question. Well, the answer is very simple, even and simpler than you could ever imagined – exercise.

Yes, with just a few exercises that are geared towards pushing the fats around your tummy and waist towards your gluteal muscles, you can be endowed with a round bum without so much hassles.

Below are some recommended exercises you can engage in to work out a round bum;

  1. Pilates and Yoga Classes


Pilates and Barre classes are among the most renowned methods of achieving a round bum. With these classes, you can easily build a strong core with a round butt.

Since Pilates classes employs lightweight materials for its exercises, anyone can build a round bum with these classes.

  1. Bridge pose


Another common exercise you can adopt with a great impact on your glutes is a the bridge pose. To increase the benefits of this pose, you can place about 15lb weight around your waist or pelvis.

  1. Sumo squats


For some people, sumo squat is a go-to exercise that can be used to achieve a round bum without breaking a sweat. With just a consistent and dedicated sumo squats, you can be sure of a round buttocks in no time.

  1. Bulgarian split squat


Just like other exercises mentioned here, the Bulgarian split squat is another good exercise that mount sufficient amount of pressure on your waist and so burning pushing the fat there towards your gluteal muscles.

Wrap up

Without undergoing any surgical operation or taking some medications with side effects, growing a round buttock can simply be achieved through some simple daily exercises that helps to build the glutes.

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