How Yoga, Nutrition And Aligned Chakra Go Hand In Hand

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In the field of yoga, spirituality, and human development, we can no longer miss the chakra system. The term “chakra” is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel, and it indicates a point of intersection where body and mind meet. The chakras are energy centers, a kind of small vortex in which the vital energy circulates. They, therefore, link our physical body and its emotions to more subtle dimensions and are places of exchange between human energy and universal energy. Some also call them "lotus" because they symbolize the petals of this sacred flower of Eastern spiritual traditions, which can sometimes be open, closed, dying, or in full bloom, depending on the internal state of the individual and the emotions experienced. They, therefore, react according to the aspects of a person's personality or according to a situation affecting them. The chakras are entry and exit doors for energies. They, therefore, come to link the body and emotions. It is one of the best ways to validate how we are doing in our day-to-day lives and move forward with personal development.
Before proceeding further, it's essential to define energy. Every person, thing, and living thing emanates an electromagnetic field produced by the biological processes of the body. In the subtle dimension, all of these fields relate to one another and form an organized information center. Understanding and refining our feelings about the state of our chakras allows us to be in communication with everything around us and, therefore, to “download” information from the spiritual world via our endocrine system. Although the physical body is somehow the vehicle of consciousness, everything around us is made up of energy, and therefore every action and thought conveys information.
Our body has several energy points, as oriental medicine has demonstrated for centuries. These energy points are grouped in seven main energy centers, located along our spine, called Central Nadi, this column is a channel that integrates and connects each of the chakras. We could compare it to a highway along which these energies travel. To better understand, one could imagine that the central Nadi carries the point which is received from the "producer" (pure consciousness, which some also call God, Source, divine intelligence, etc.) and is transmitted in the energy body to the "consumer," which is the individual mental and physical that we are. The "root chakra," located near the tailbone at the bottom of the spine, is the first chakra. It relates to the earth and the importance of being well-rooted. The highest chakra is the “crown chakra,” located above the head. This is linked to consciousness, to the spiritual part that dwells in us. Although each chakra has a specific role, they are all constantly interacting and cannot be separated.
You are about to embark on a real journey within yourselves. A journey through your life, through your reality, through the worlds around you. And this journey is never-ending because it is constantly evolving throughout your life.
While, Nutrition is directly linked to food, which serves to cover the nutritional needs of the body. It is necessary to have a good diet to stay healthy. Conversely, a poor diet can lead to reduced productivity and immunity, increased vulnerability to disease, and disrupted physical or mental development. Nutrition affects the body's story at all stages of life, from conception to death. Not to suffer from hunger or malnutrition is a fundamental right, which must be respected above all, in the name of human and national development.
When we are talking about how yoga, nutrition, and chakras aligned go hand and hand is like we're talking about the relationship between them.
Yoga and chakras are like exercise to re-position and body exercises that can increase body fitness while, Nutrition is the food that we take in for both yoga and chakras.
Firstly let's take a deep look at what is Yoga?

What is Yoga?
Yoga is a sequence of postures and breathing exercises that are designed to promote physical and mental well-being. According to the writings, this ancient art of living is revealed as an initiatory path beyond physical discipline.
Yoga is a philosophical style of living that incorporates the following principles: behavior towards others and oneself, lifestyle, personal hygiene, physical exercises, breathing work, meditation, spiritual quest. .. All these elements have for finality the harmony of the body and the mind of the man with the world which surrounds him.

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