How yoga can actually change our lifestyle

Yoga is an ideal package for physical and mental well-being to acquire a healthy lifestyle. It is rooted to spirituality in India from ancient times and yoga is also a core form of exercise. it will not only keep us fit but it will help us stay mentally and physically healthy in such a way that it will change our lifestyle.
Briefly explaining, yoga is the incorporation of Asanas and Breathing techniques. The asanas create flexibility, increase muscle strength, help in weight reduction, and tone our body. The breathing techniques improve our mental clarity, increase our body awareness, sharpen our concentration, and most importantly it relieves stress, anxiety and relaxes our mind.
Our everyday life is swiftly moving and it’s hard to take out time to religiously do exercise. However, including 30 minutes of yoga in our daily routine will impact our entire day and our lifestyle. In general, most of us consider yoga to be stretching and warm-up exercise. However, performing asanas is strenuous. We should start with basic yoga asanas. After we build flexibility and endurance, we should try for the intermediate level. After every workout, we will feel relaxed, accomplished and that will boost our confidence.
Yoga will not only change our lifestyle but if children perform it, it will change theirs too. Also, it’s a very good self-care habit for them. Children learn self-care from their parents. Watching me do, my son got motivated and started. When parents/children do it together, they kind of bond and they can spend quality time together. Instead of convincing and telling our children to add exercise to their routine, it’s better if we start off first and they will follow us. Furthermore, yoga is very beneficial for children, it boosts their self-esteem, develops focus, and improves their concentration and memory

Yoga also generates happiness and by doing a bit of research, I came across that it increases monoamine neurotransmitter levels in our brain which makes us feel happy, confident, and successful from within. Performing everyday yoga will make us mentally and physically fit to an extent that it will generate happiness within our core and we will be able to acquire a healthier lifestyle. From my experience, practicing yoga every day made me a much happier and a much more positive person. Also, I am able to face stress and I am much more patient.

Overall, yoga has numerous advantages physically and mentally. Performing it 30 minutes a day, will transform our lifestyle. It will make us much happier and we will have a positive outlook towards life.

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