How to shape your hips like a peach fastly?

The gyms have reopened, the lockdown has been lifted (slowly), and many People are trying to reclaim their fitness. Whether you've lost some tone during lockdown or developed a new passion for exercise, there are certain places you'd like to work on. The roundness of a nice booty not only makes us feel better, but it can also help with strength. Lifting your buttocks can provide you a fine look and a sense of confident as well.

So how can you obtain the finest look for your tush?

Single Leg Deadlift

With your feet together and your right foot bent, hold your hips and lower your top half. Keep all weight in your standing leg. With your heels pointed towards the floor and your feet flexed, raise your top leg toward the ground.

Concentrate on your glutes, and keep your back straight. While bringing your back leg down, lift your torso up. However, don't let the free leg touch the ground. Only once you're standing again, can you start the next rep.

One-leg deadlifts can be done with body weight, or with a lightweight kettlebell. They work your hamstring mobility as well as rounding out your bum.


Variations of Lunges for lifting your Buttocks


  • Walking lunges.The name of this variation is enough to describe it. This variation allows you to do traditional lunges without standing at one place. The move is not reversed once you step your right foot forward. Instead, you bring your left leg forward and then make another step with it
  • Reverse lunges.These are the same as the conventional lunges, with the only difference that here you make a step back
  • Equipment with a lunge.You can increase your muscle work by using different methods, even though lunges do a good job of working your glutes. Here's how to do it:
  • Increase weights.To make your glutes work extremely hard, you can just grab two dumbbells in each of your hands. To make your butt rounder, you can add weights. Do not be afraid to overload your knees. 

Actually, your ankles will work harder and be more flexible due to the extra load. If you keep your knees at the 90-degree angle, the knees will not be affected by lunges. Additionally, dumbbell lunges will strengthen your core as well as increase stability in your body. The weights will not cause you to move from one side to the other. Similarly, dumbbell lunges can improve your form during squats, which are also very helpful for lifting your buttocks.

  • Use a step-platform.To speed up your growth, do lunges from a platform. This is a very advanced version. All you need to do is step onto the platform. The form is the exact same as the classic lunge. The greater the platform, the more impact you will have. If you do not have a platform, you may substitute it with a bench or a chair, whatever you feel comfortable with

Fire Hydrants

A mat is required for fire hydrant. Similar to the pointed butt raisings, fire-hydrants also require a mat. So get down on the floor and follow these steps

  1. You should be in the all-fours on your mat.Your hands must be at your sides, and your knees should be below your hips.
  2. For better balance and stability, you can keep your spine neutral. To do this, squeeze your core.Imagine a mat. Draw a straight line connecting your head and lumbar spine.
  3. Do your best to lift your right leg straight up and out towards the side.You should not shift your weight too much to the opposite side, as this could lead to form violation.
  4. Lower your leg from the starting position.
  5. Keep repeating.

The bottom line

First, it's not fair to say one butt type is better than another. Every butt looks great, even though each one is unique. It is not wrong lifting your buttocks. You can let others be satisfied with their looks and learn how to love yourself. You can change your body if you feel unsatisfied with it.


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