Refuse the fast food is the first way to shape your figure

Ready to make the biggest impact on your health and figure with one small change? Ditch the fast-food! This small change will pack a punch on your health and weight loss goals.


While many people think fast food is a convenience, it is taking a major toll on overall health. Fast food is calorie-packed, sodium-laden and lacking the essential nutrients your body needs.



What is that #6 with a large fry truly costing you?


Fast food contributes to obesity, heart disease and diabetes. While it is calorie-dense it is nutrient deficient. Most fast food is highly processed and packed with fats and sugar. Two things the body naturally craves and triggers the “feel good” centers of our brain. When we eat fats and sugars we crave more. Our bodies will also crave more food in search of the nutrients necessary for daily function. These are found in natural whole, natural foods, but not present in fast food.


Have you ever seen an advertisement for broccoli?


Ever wondered why fast food companies spend billions each year on marketing and advertising campaigns? The goal is to keep people coming back for more. It is not just marketing they spend money on. Most of the signature flavours we have come to crave are chemicals that have been developed in factories with psychology in mind. Fast food companies spend billions on making a product that people will crave.


If we paid attention to how we feel when we eat fast food or the impact it has on our overall health, we would not continue purchasing it.


Ready to ditch the fast food? Here are some simple ways to help you break the habit.


  • Prep your meals and have them ready to go. Meal prep is not that difficult or time-consuming. The key is to pick 2-3 proteins, 2-3 vegetables and 1-2 starches to make for the week. Afraid you are going to get bored with your food? Mix and match proteins, veggies and starches. Also do not be afraid to experiment with seasoning!


  • Be mindful when you are eating. Think about how you feel during and after your meal. Do you feel fueled and energized or do you feel bloated and tired? Food should be fuel and you will be amazed at how easy it is to stick to healthy eating when you feel great!


  • Write down your goals daily! If you are ready to ditch the fast food habit, write down that you will pack and eat your breakfast/lunch/dinner each day. We are 42% more likely to achieve our goals when we write them down. Writing them down is almost like making a contract with ourselves and a visual reminder of what we are aiming to achieve.


  • Look at the other benefits! Not only will your body be thanking you for ditching the fast food, but your wallet will also be as well! For everyone one fast food meal, you could prepare approximately four healthy meals! Save that money up for things that you truly want, like a cute new workout outfit or a memorable trip!



Takeaway on Take-Aways


Fast food is a detriment to overall health. It is a key contributor to obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Cutting out junk food not only will make giant leaps toward your health and fitness goals, but it will also help you save money!


Think about how your food makes you feel. You should feel happy, healthy and fueled after each meal!


Every great dream begins with a dreamer.

Harriet Tubman