4 Ways to Reduce Stress

natureStress is an issue that is commonplace in our lives these days. People are constantly on the go, with deadlines, endless to-do lists, and schedules that are filled down to the minute, it’s no wonder we have an epidemic of chronic stress in our society. Stress contributes to the exacerbation of a myriad of health conditions including obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Without ways to navigate reducing stress in our lives, we are potentially shortening our lifespan, and negatively impacting our quality of life. Thankfully with a little motivation and the right tools to work with, you can improve your life and your health!



Meditation is quickly becoming more trendy for people to try when attempting to relieve stress in their lives, but it can be dated as far back as potentially 7,000 years ago! For something to have stuck around that long, it must mean it’s worth trying. With meditation, you can reduce negative feelings by clearing your mind of the weight of your day-to-day life.  The simple idea of meditation is to sit with your eyes closed and try to empty your mind of all thoughts, noticing when your mind wanders and bringing yourself back to a place of emptiness. Doing this for just 10 minutes a day can make such a difference in your life!


Immerse yourself in nature

At our most basic level, we are still animals. We were made to be in contact with the natural world. Our current way of life has disconnected us from the source of our creation, and sometimes we just need to slow down to find our way back to ourselves again. Taking a walk through a forest or park, or even just sitting on your back porch and noticing the way the trees sway and the birds fly can connect you back to your center and make your burdens feel a little lighter!


Spend time with loved ones

When you get too busy to sit down for a meal or have a conversation with the people who care about you, it’s easy to feel stressed and lonely. Taking a minute out of your day to have a meaningful connection with people who love and care about you can improve your mental health and reduce your stress. Hugging someone produces the chemical oxytocin, which is the chemical that helps reduce stress and increase feelings of love and positivity!


Take an hour out of every day to take care of yourself

Lastly, when you prioritize making time for whatever it is that makes you happy, whether it's meditation, running, reading a good book, singing, or anything else, you will find that you will feel better in all areas of your life! Take at least an hour out of every day to do this for yourself, and if you don't have an hour then start with just 20 minutes. When you take care of yourself, you are also taking care of the people around you who love you. Everyone benefits when you are a happier, more relaxed person!

Hopefully, these tips can help you become a happier and stress-free version of yourself!


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