Losing body fat and gaining muscles are sometimes mutually inclusive in fact experts have opined that it is an ideal method of transforming the body composition without losing energy or vitality.    

Many usually wonder if it is possible to fat and gain muscles simultaneously. Well, the answer is a big Yes, although, the two concepts sound mutually exclusively to the ears, this is because it is believed by many that to lose body fat, you consume fewer calories than you can use up and to gain muscles you take in more calories than your body can use. This is not always true as the body can be trained with the appropriate diet at the appropriate time to lose fat and gain muscles concurrently. 

The following are tips that make it very possible:

  1.         Don’t starve yourselfgymsweaty-fitness

While on this journey, starving yourself is counterproductive, even though it is quite an unpopular truth when compared with what is on the media and most blogs. Remember the goal, the body needs calories to gain muscles, to achieve that you have to maintain a balance of proteins, carbs and fats in your diet. 

Losing fats and gaining muscles entails eating adequately, this is because the right diets hormonal balance, reduces stress to the barest minimum and ensures that the body does not need fat deposits. 

  1. Challenge your bodygymsweaty-fitness

This is where the work lies, you have to challenge your body with heavier weights. However, this is not to be done abruptly, you have to gradually but progressively increase the weight of your reps. This will stretch your strength, and your body will be forced to adapt. It is in doing this that you start gaining muscles and your body transformation begins.

Also, start your gym sessions with compound exercises and then incorporate interval training. These body movements target multiple joints at the same time. These exercises not only help lose fat and gain muscles; they are important for building body strengths. Examples include burpees, pull-ups, stair climbing, squats, push-ups etc. Talking it over with your gym instructor or a fitness expert will be quite helpful.

  1. Add protein supplement to your dietgymsweaty-fitness

Consumption of protein supplements, particularly those that contain lots of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) is invaluable to this journey. They boost muscle development by ensuring that the torn muscles during your workout sessions are healed rapidly. They also provide energy to enhance your body training thereby minimizing fatigue and painful muscles.

  1.         Effectively deal with stressgymsweaty-fitness

Stress is one of the biggest enemies of muscular development. This is because stress makes your metabolism slow which leads to the deposition of fats in the body. Also, hormones that are triggered during high-stress levels ensure the loss of muscle mass that has been gained over a period.

Against this background, it is important to understand the stress-relieving strategies that work for you and constantly engage them. Whether it is yoga, journaling, visiting the beach, dance, or even behavioral therapy that works for you, be deliberate enough to make it part of your life’s journey to always stay fit.

  1.         Sleep well gymsweaty-fitness

Losing weight and gaining muscles is such a physical journey, sleeping well should be a priority and never to be toiled with. Sleeping well guarantees sufficient body rest enhances overall body performance which ranges from the immune system, cognitive function, muscular repairs. The need for sleep can never be overemphasized.

Conclusively, there is no reason to doubt the possibility of losing body fat and gaining weight at the same time, the above tips say it all. In addition to the tips, staying hydrated maintain a good mindset is equally important to this fitness journey that guarantees a healthy life.

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