How To Get An Hourglass Figure


For quite some time, hourglass figures have been all the rage. However, possessing that traditional hourglass figure – with its sculpted shoulders, small waist, and gorgeous lower body contours – does not necessarily imply that you are more attractive or healthier. Also, in most cases, most celebrities you see with an hourglass figure on the world's red carpets don't possess this body figure naturally. Just a quick reminder, an hourglass body is defined by a narrower waist that is balanced by curvaceous hips and a larger breast.

This indicates that in order to achieve an hourglass-like figure, you must focus on three essential areas in your body:
• the upper part of your body
• hips or glutes and
• upper thighs

However, when trying to get an hourglass figure, your natural shape will determine how you should approach this. So, if you're already slender, you might want to focus your efforts on gaining muscle in your chest and shoulders to broaden those regions.

In addition, whether you're one of the many ladies who struggle with belly fat, working on it through different exercises should be your top priority in order to have an hourglass figure.

Without much ado, let’s take a quick look at some of the best and safest way to see your hourglass figure dream come true in a short time.

Generally, exercising is the best ways to go
Engaging in various forms of exercise can help you to lose weight around your waist. With the right fitness activities, you can burn a lot of calories around your waist region in order to have an hourglass figure.

Well, we understand that working out on a regular basis is difficult, but wearing soft and durable squat-proof leggings and kits will provide the ideal motivation to change your life.

Types of exercises to engage in for an hour glass figure
Since different parts of the body contribute to having an hourglass figure, it is then important to focus attention on exercises that will help you to work on those parts of the body.

Below are some common exercises that target either your upper body, upper thighs, and your hips or glutes.

Common exercises that tone the shoulder and breast
Since the shoulder region as well as your breast are core elements that will help you achieve an hourglass figure, the following exercises can help you to keep them under check;
1. Dumbbell lateral raise
2. Push ups
3. Diamond push up
4. Wall press

Common exercises that tone the hips and glutes
Keeping your hip and glutes in check is another good way to earn an hourglass figure. To help you do that without hassles, here are some common exercises to perform;
1. Fire hydrants
2. Squats
3. Lunges

Common exercises that reduced the waist
The size of your waistline seems to be the most important aspect when trying to achieve an hourglass figure. For this reason, you have to engage in exercises that will help you to trim your waist size so that your upper body and the lower part (the thighs and hips) will be well-pronounced.
Below are some common exercises to help you reduce your waistline;
1. Standing oblique crunch
2. Yoga
3. Planks
Wrap up
Having an hourglass figure is not a mission impossible, and it can be achieved with a high level of commitment and dedication to various exercises that are targeted toward toning your whole body to attain the shape you desire.
So, if you are ready for this, always ensure that you have the right kits and gym wears that will give you the much-needed comfort to perform these exercises with little or no stress.

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