Tips for Women Bodybuilding

Women are gaining more and more interests in fitness and gym activities day by day. Many women are showing interests in postures for bodybuilding so we have brought to you three tips for women bodybuilding and three postures for bodybuilding for women.

Three Tips

1. Maximize your Splits Game

It is possible for women to gain significant muscle mass by only training each major muscle group one or two times per week. This is especially true when they are just starting. A body-part split might be a good option if your whole-body approach isn’t working or has plateaued.

This method has proven to be effective for many athletes. Therefore, you should focus your efforts on one muscle group for maximum intensity. It is essential to develop a training schedule that is most suitable for your body and your goals. Some people will dedicate specific days to focusing on specific muscle groups such as their back, shoulders, and legs.

There are many ways that you can arrange your split. You can take this example:

Do 2-5 workouts per work week: Push/pull (pressing and squats one day, pulling the next).

2-2-4 workouts per Week: Upper Body; Lower Body

Three workouts per week: Legs; Push; Pull

4 workouts per week: Chest- and triceps exercises; back and biceps exercises; legs, shoulders and abs exercises.


Here's the catch. These workouts don't have to be difficult. You can embrace the challenge and learn more about leg-day. It could be what you need to elevate your results.

2. Take the Cardio off your List

It is tempting to also increase your cardio workouts when you are trying to increase calories and proteins. You don't want your body to gain the wrong kind of weight. The mental trap may be holding you back. You don't have to spend hours doing cardio - especially if you want to add muscle.

It's helpful to think about it this way: Your body will not use every calorie you burn on the track to build muscle. Many people recommend that you use the squat bar to push your limits and replace all of the cardio.

3. Lift Heavy

Many athletes noticed a difference in their performance when they began adding weight to their training. Be sure to lift the maximum weight while still keeping good form. Also, aim for 8-12 reps. A heavier weight is more difficult for me to lift. It also means that my muscle needs to grow.

But don't expect yourself to suddenly become more powerful overnight. Slowly adding weight to your bar will give you a better chance of overcoming the challenge. Although you won't gain weight from every workout you do, you should expect a steady upward trend. If your weight has remained the same for six months, it is likely that you should reconsider your approach.


Three postures for bodybuilding

1. Weighted Squat

A squat is a great exercise. A squat can be performed in many ways. It hits every major muscle group in the legs, from narrow and sumo to front and back. Talk about getting a lot of bang!

Do This

Stand with your hands at chest level and hold a kettlebell, plate or medicine ball. Next, place your feet shoulder-width apart.

You can squat like you're sitting in a chair. Keep the focus on your heels. Your knees should not extend past your toes.

You can stop at the bottom for a while, and then you can return to the top. You can squeeze your glutes towards the top.

2. Bench Dip

You can incorporate this movement into your workout. For home training, you can use a chair (or any low-enough surface) to do this exercise. This will also help your triceps burn. Let's face facts, we don't want our arms to wave long after we've stopped.


Do This

You can place your legs in front of your legs on a stool or a chair.

Slowly lower your elbows so that your elbows are against your body. This exercise can be modified by bending your knees and adding a weight plate.

3. Alternating Barbell Lunge

This is my personal favorite when it's about hitting the glutes. Walking lunges work well if you have the right space. Lunges can be great because you can move your feet according to the targeted muscle.

A wide, forward step will cause glutes to be impacted, while a 90-degree angle with the front leg will stimulate the quads. Want to feel that burn? You can really feel the burn by taking three small steps at the bottom of each movement.

Do This

Standing up, place a barbell on your shoulders.

Move forward while keeping a 90 degree bend in your front knee. Step back while alternate your legs.

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