Four Tips to Lose Weight Effortlessly

For most people, the idea of losing weight evokes negative connotations like starving, unpalatable food, sweaty, painful gym workouts, a life deprived of pleasure. This is not true. Following fad diets or medications for cutting down calories is a temporary aspect of weight loss. Successful weight loss is adopting a new approach to analyze your body and lifestyle. How to lose weight effortlessly? These are few scientifically proven techniques that help you lose weight naturally and are compatible with your body's natural mechanisms.

Four Ps to Lose Weight Effortlessly

The Internet is replete with weight-loss diets, workouts, magical tips, miraculous shortcuts, and much more. Every person has different body requirements, and there is no one size fit all situation. The four Ps approach is the easiest strategy for making some minor lifestyle variations. These are proteins, produce portion control, and pedometer.


  1. Proteins are Perfect

You may have noticed that eating eggs for breakfast keeps you satiated for a longer time as compared with carbs or cereal. This is because protein has a strong impact on reducing appetite. Adding protein in meals and snacks keeps you fuller, controls your blood sugar, and decreases the urge to binge eating. Sufficient protein intake influences hunger hormones like Ghrelin and Glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP1). Eating plentiful protein does not mean you can have big meat burgers. Try healthier protein forms like nuts, peanut butter, lean meat, beans, eggs, quinoa, and Greek yogurt.

Besides this, protein intake helps to recover muscle loss as in strength training. Your body needs to burn some extra calories to digest protein, resulting in a boost in the body’s metabolism.


  1. Enjoy Fresh Produce

A weight-loss diet is not about omitting items from your table or limiting your food choices. Contrary to this, you can introduce a variety of flavors to your taste buds. What could be tastier or nutritious than super-nutritious produce? Low in calories, affluent in vitamins, fiber, phytonutrients, minerals; produce keeps you full and hydrated. Adding legumes, fruit, and vegetables to your diet improves your body’s overall health. It helps to prevent obesity and conditions like cardiovascular diseases, cancer, gastrointestinal diseases, blood pressure, and diabetes. 


  1. Portion-Control

Trim your portion. It is an effective remedy for food lovers who cannot avoid their favorite food cravings. Even reducing it to 10 to 20 % is okay. Decrease your portion gradually unless it becomes your habit. A large food portion is the cause of unintentional excessive eating. Another way is to eat on a small plate, giving your mind the illusion that you have had enough. You might not even notice that you have eaten less. For best results, chew your food slowly. Fast-eaters tend to eat more than slow-eaters. So take your time, eat mindfully to enjoy every bit and bite of food.

  1. Grab a Pedometer

Increase the number of steps you take while performing your daily chores. It is not so that you cannot do it without a pedometer. A pedometer becomes your motivator and a reminder that records every step you take. Pat on your back if you complete 10,000 steps per day. 10.000 steps per day, though it seems unachievable, you can do it. But how? Many small activities can help as; walking when on the phone, listening to music, TV commercial breaks, office breaks, grabbing some groceries, and waiting at the hospital or bus station. 


Don't regret your procrastination for weight loss! It is never too late. Are you scared of going to the gym, sweaty workouts, and starvation? Don’t worry! Weight loss is not an uphill battle. Follow the above tips. Once you start, you will see how effortless a weight-loss journey could be.

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